Food for the Soul

The music of La Matilda was created to bring a celebration of unity and joy to its listeners. Having toured the world — with shows in Ecuador, Colombia, and the United States — La Matilda has showcased a colorful and multicultural fusion of Caribbean genres and Pacific rhythms. Both explosive and emotional, the music of La Matilda features incredible Latin rhythms that fill the senses.

Started by artists Pablito Quintero and Esteban Acosta, La Matilda wants to be more than just a band with great music — they also want to influence people and raise the consciousness of human beings to never-before-experienced levels.

The Sound You’ve Been Looking For

A celebration of the diverse human community across the globe, the sounds of La Matilda make it impossible not to dance. Fusing jazz, pop, rock, funk, and more to create a sound that is entirely their own, La Matilda seeks to create music that is rewarding for listeners everywhere.

A unique genre, La Matilda’s fresh take on new Latin roots music cannot be missed. Come for the music; stay for the connection. Either way, you’re going to love the way their tunes drift through the air and into your ears.

La Matilda’s newest release, Engatúsame, takes the revolutionary style La Matilda is known for and builds on it in one of their most compelling songs yet. Their vibrant, excitingly tropical style shines through in this newest offering, simultaneously new and retro. Sing and dance alongside La Matilda as they celebrate the release of this new song!

The music video is an enthusiastic and energy-filled performance that shows off the best that La Matilda has to offer: love for a band that has brought happiness to so many, love of the community supporting, and most importantly, love for the music.

La Matilda’s energy in front of an audience is unparalleled and infectious, and Aquí En Mi Pueblo shows off the band’s magnetism and personality. Dance, laugh, and celebrate alongside the audience in the video, all from the comfort of your own home! Such is the magic of La Matilda.

Acoustic instrumentals meld perfectly with the audience’s laughing, dancing, clapping, and enthusiasm, capturing the spirit of La Matilda perfectly! La Matilda is more than just a band, they’re an experience and this music video of the band in their element shows just how wonderful and captivating their performances are.

This remix of La Matilda’s classic La Cumbia Galáctica offers a unique twist on the acoustic Latin fusion sound that has endeared the band to listeners for years. Throwing electronica influences into the mix makes La Matilda’s already diverse sound stand out that much more, producing a track that is as layered and nuanced as it is just plain fun to listen to.

The featured video for the track is similarly layered, with discordant sights, sounds, and locations that serve to make the entire thing jumbled, chaotic, and… absolutely beautiful, in the same way as the accompanying soundtrack.

Like What You See?

La Matilda is synonymous with celebration. Of life, of music, of the ability to find joy even in these crazy times. From their intense desire to create, La Matilda makes music for those who are willing to see and celebrate the good around us all. If you like what you see, give us a shout! La Matilda is only a click away.